Webcasts provided by XE Live Broadcast use Vimeo as a hosting platform to ensure cross-compatibility between browsers and operating systems while eliminating the need for additional plugins. Any problems you face while watching a Vimeo Live event are also problems you will face watching any other Vimeo, Youtube or Web-based video.

If you are experiencing issues, first make sure your system meets the minimum requirements for a Vimeo Live experience, and then follow the troubleshooting steps below: system requirements link

Use this demo page to test out your connection in advance: demo page link

If you are familiar with video on the web, you’ll recognize the webcast player. However, there are several features available in a Live Vimeo webcast player that you may not have seen before – these are listed in the ‘Visual’ section below.

Please do not attempt to view the webcast with Internet Explorer, as it will lead to a sub-par experience.

Some browsers may still have problems with Vimeo Live. These problems can result from having a(n):

  • Large number of tabs open, this will eat up your computer’s available memory
  • Out of date browser
  • Slow internet connection
  • Legacy computer system
  • Loading multiple instances of the webcast in several tabs, reducing system performance and causing audio to ‘echo’ by playing in several places on your computer at once
  • Many extensions or browser add-ons installed which affect Vimeo Live and video player or live chat performance

Many issues that degrade your webcast viewing experience can be fixed by closing your current browser and simply switching to another browser – installing and using Google Chrome fixes nearly all issues you will face watching a Vimeo Live video.

If you are experiencing issues please watch our webcast orientation video


Be sure to turn your speakers on, or plug headphones in and set the volume at an ideal level.

On Vimeo Live, you can set your preferred volume level using the multi-bar slider on the lower portion of the video:


This section details some steps to resolve issues you may have with viewing XE Live webcasts and highlights several Vimeo Live features.

If you find that the video is running slowly, there is a lag between the video and the audio or the video appears ‘jumpy’ then you may want to reduce the resolution used by the video so that it streams in SD instead of HD. Though Vimeo Live players attempt to find the best settings for your connection and computer, sometimes you will need to manually change their settings. Or, if you want higher quality, you may want to increase the resolution.

To change the resolution, click the ’gear’ icon and select the resolution you’d like to use. This gear icon is noted below – change settings & resolution in the webcast preview image below (upper image). If you are experiencing performance issues, please select a lower number for your resolution after clicking the gear, such as ‘540′ (lower image).

To take the webcast fullscreen, click the ’expanding box’ icon in the lower right of the video player as noted by the screenshot below.

Install a modern browser to view the webcast
  1. Please try closing your browser and reloading the page.
  2. Please try a different browser on your computer (i.e. if you are using Safari, please try loading the page in Firefox, or vice-versa)
  3. Please try restarting your computer

If each of these steps haven’t worked, you may need to update your browser, or install a different browser entirely. Google Chrome is recommended because it automatically stays updated to ensure compatibility and is optimized for the best possible web-based video performance on first install.

If you are having issues with Safari, Firefox or another browser, please install Google Chrome:

1. Download Google Chrome:


2. Install Google Chrome:

Click here to follow these instructions for installing Google Chrome

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