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Advances in computer and video technology now make multi-camera production techniques in broadcast television available to your organization’s budget.

All multi-camera live broadcast production include

Custom Graphics

Use your logos and colors to customize your broadcast video.


Webcast landing page

Host your stream on our exclusive XE Live Broadcast Platform, providing a permanent URL to promote your event.


Computer mirroring

Display slides, software demos, and more, side-by-side with live video so your digital viewers see what your live audience does.


Rapid recordings

Recorded sessions provided within seven business days of your event, as h.264 files via Dropbox, and available on-demand at your event URL.

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Capture a speaker at a podium with a wide angle. Cameras will only zoom in and out, no panning.

2 static cameras

  • 1 wide shot
  • 1 establishing shot

Capture Q&A, panel sessions, workshops and dynamic speakers.

1 dynamic camera

  • 1 close-up shot

2 static cameras

  • 1 wide shot
  • 1 establishing shot

Broadcast your event with a live TV feel for a dynamic viewer experience. A director coordinates motion shots, and cameras closely follow the action.

2 dynamic cameras

  • 1 close-up shot
  • 1 action shot

2 static cameras

  • 1 wide shot
  • 1 establishing shot

Not looking for a live broadcast?
Record a lecture, or any simple, single-camera event.

Types of cameras and shots
Static cameras

These cameras are locked off focus on a single position, and alternate between a tight shot of speaker, or a wide shot of the stage.


Keep the speaker in vision as their dynamic presentation keeps them moving around the stage.


A wide-angle on the podium and the stage sets the context and registers the feel of your event.


Let your digital attendees experience your on-location audience with a wide-angle on the crowd.

Dynamic cameras

These cameras are free-moving and directed by a trained camera operator, following the action to ensure your energetic speaker is always perfectly framed.


Keep your speaker in the center of the action, back-and-forth dialogue between panel speakers and more for an authentic capture of your event’s content.


Capture the reactions from the audience and display a creative look-and-feel of your event with motion zooms and dynamic pans.


Let your digital attendees experience your on-location audience with a wide-angle on the crowd.

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Ideas for great event video

Plan your next multi-day conference with a custom livestream channel

Solicit donations or sell digital tickets

Develop custom programming with a host and supplementary content to tell your story, highlight your ideas, or provide sponsor opportunities

Tell your story in more depth with documentary video


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